What We Do

Strategy and Technology Consulting

Planning to launch a grassroots campaign?

We have experience running European grassroots campaigns, from pro-EU movements in the UK, to minority rights campaigns in Central and Eastern Europe, to EU's largest vote awareness campaign.

Our services include:

Campaign strategy

  • Field Consulting, Volunteer Management, Online Strategic Consulting, Management & Organizational Consulting, Online Strategic Consulting


  • Email Programme, Digital Advertising, Digital Fundraising, Social Media Campaigning, Targeting & Data Analysis, Website Development

Media relations

  • Earned Media Communications, Media Buying

Civic Technology advisory

  • Vendor Evaluation, Benchmark analysis

Technology implementation

  • Change Management, End-to-end implementation, Project Management

Training and capacity building

  • Media, Field & Digital Training




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NationBuilder implementation support

Does your campaign use NationBuilder or is planning to do so?

That’s great. We have relevant experience implementing NationBuilder in public institutions and political organisations all across Europe. Our clients often request our services to:

  • Help them understand whether NationBuilder is the right partner for their organizations and campaigns. We have built our own methodology to carry out Vendor Evaluation Analysis tailored to each type of campaign and organization

  • Offer First-Line of Support during the implementation of NationBuilder and deliver a smooth and seamless transition into the new platform

  • Rollout NationBuilder Network ® solution
  • Design and execute a tailored technology campaign strategy by following best practices documented in the Digital Playbook for Grassroots Campaigns ®

  • Provide strategy consulting services such as Project Management guidance



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